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For parents and carers, some additional sites you may find interesting:


Groovy Grasshopper

Great site that tests your ability to understand a range of texts, but also the ability to read the question.

All texts have multiple choice answers, and you have to choose the best one.

The site 'monitors' your success, and makes the texts easier or harder depending on your answers.

Don't worry if the first text is too easy or too hard, the computer will adjust the next text to your level.

Earn points and badges for success!

Phonics fun has fun games for children learning phonics from Phase 1 all the way up to Phase 6.

This site has free resources for teachers, parents and children.

Please note:

Some elements of this site are usually only available by subscription, but due to coronavirus it is currently free.

Also note:

You may require to update your Adobe Flash Player for the games to work.


Lovely Ladybird

Please be aware, that this site has the option of a free trial, but is generally subscription.

It is an American site, so be aware that there are some occasional spellings that do not match UK spelling rules e.g. colour / color.

Nevertheless, it is well worth a look as it has a huge variety of games to help improve spelling.

Lots of free reading and english games for 3 to 11 year olds on Topmarks.

This site also has games for letters & sounds, stories and rhymes, punctuation, spelling, grammar, writing, stories and poetry!

All free.

Lots of games, with a selection free to play. However, bear in mind that some games require a subscription to be able to access at home.

Games range from Phase 1 phonics up to Phase 6 phonics.

We use this to support the writing of the children. Pobble has lots of great ideas, and many work from a picture as an idea for writing.

Their homepage has a link to explain how to use Pobble 365, and also great examples of sentences that have errors and need fixing, sentence challenges etc.

Lots of fun interactive writing games in a range of different areas such as debating, newspaper, advertising, letter writing, stories and instructions.

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