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Homework Tasks

This story is about Big Skeleton, Little Skeleton and a dog skeleton They live in a dark dark cellar of a dark dark house on a dark dark hill.The skeletons venture out of their cellar one night to find someone to scare, but everyone is in bed so they amuse themselves by scaring each other and playing with the skeleton animals that live in the zoo. (Click image to listen).

What are we learning this half-term?

Our classroom learning uses the Foundation Stage Curriculum which focuses on three prime areas (essential to underpin your child's future learning and healthy development) and four specific learning areas: literacy, mathematics, understanding the world and expressive arts and design.

This term our topic will be Marvellous Me! We will use a book called 'The Colour Monster' by Anna Llenas to help us settle into school by exploring our feelings and emotions. We will then use our key text called  ‘Funny Bones’ by Janet and Allan Ahlberg. Through our topic led learning we will look at finding out more about ourselves, growing, our family and where we live. We will also look at the changes in seasons, animals that hibernate, and the Rama and Sita story for Diwali.

Literacy (Reading and Writing)

We will start by learning how to hold a pencil correctly to be able write the letters we learn in phonics sessions. We will be recognising and then writing our name using a cursive letter formation.  Through listening to our Funny Bones story and other rhymes, stories and poems, we will be exploring rhyme and alliteration and listening to initial sounds in words. We will use drawings and actions to help us remember stories and then be able to retell them in our own words. We will start to create and act our our own versions of the Funny Bones story. We will then begin to write short word and captions for our work and label our drawings. In Nursery we will be encouraging confident mark makers, exploring sensory ways of making patterns and talking about our pictures and drawings. We will start to predict what happens next in stories and join in with the actions and repeated phrases.



We use the Letters and Sounds phonics strategy which progressively teaches the children the sounds that are in the English language. The children will learn how to match the written letter (grapheme) to the sound it makes (phoneme). This will lead onto being able to hear the different sounds in a word to be able to write it, called segmenting. Your child will then learn to read  by saying all the sounds they can see in a word, blending them together to say the whole word.


Number, Space, Shape and Measure

We will be learning how to recognise and write numerals to five and practice counting objects one at a time. We will extend our learning to explore how many different ways we can make 10 and even having a 5th birthday party for ‘Little Skeleton’ from our book! We will also explore 2D shapes, sorting objects in different ways and making repeating patterns.


Understanding the World

Using an enquiry based approach to our learning, we will look at questions like: What colour is happiness? Why do we have a heart? Do we all celebrate in the same way? Where do hedgehogs go in winter? Where is our classroom, school and home?

We will be learning lots more as we go through this half term and developing as independent and confident learners. We are just at the start of a very exciting jou journey!



Knowledge Organisers (to support learning)

Our knowledge organisers explain some important facts about our topic

and practical ideas as to how to support your child in their maths and English Learning.

These buttons will become active as more knowledge organisers are added here, thanks.

Other Useful Information

For the first couple of weeks, we will not be sending reading books and diaries home, but please encourage your child to read their own books at home also.

You may contact me on Class Dojo but enquiries of a general school nature should be directed to the school office. Please use our contact link above for details.

Additional Learning Links

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