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Mrs Li

Hello Year 2!

Welcome to our 'Remote Learning' page!

This is the place to come to check out the lessons I have ready for you, and to find information about planned Zoom meetings. Also, further down, you'll find additional resources to support your online learning.

THE DAILY PLAN: (Monday to Friday)

*Only join us on Zoom if you can

9:45 - 10:15

English / Maths zoom lesson

This week the focus on our maths will be telling time (please bring your pack).

This week the focus of our English will be non-chronological report writing (please bring your pack).

12:45 - 1:15 

Guided Reading / Phonics zoom lesson

Your guided reading book for this week is in your pack. This week we are reading - Crocodile Watching.

Middle of the Day:

- Complete your daily English and Maths tasks

- Complete any additional tasks linked to other subjects

- Practise your weekly spellings (then test on Fridays)

- Check out the additional learning links lower down this page.

Also, remember that you need to send me evidence that you have completed the tasks. Use the ClassDojo Portfolio on your pupil account to upload photos, drawings, text files etc. 

Adults: You can access your child's account using your app and changing to your child's avatar in the drop-down menu.

Alternatively, scan the QR code just below here.

If neither of these options work, as a last resort please message me on Class Dojo and I will send you a direct link.

Your daily pobble tasks can be found here.

This week's learning tasks, links & help videos (if needed):

Monday 11th

Watch the video and complete the worksheet - Bonds to 20.

Our new science topic is – Habitats! Create a mind map of everything you already know about habitats.

Tuesday 12th

Watch the video and complete the worksheet - Compare number sentences.

Using the shapes of the continent on the template map of the world. Can you build your own world map? Listen to the 7 continents song on Youtube and learn their names. If you were in school last Monday and made your map, try the challenge questions to see what you can remember.

Wednesday 13th

Watch the video and complete the worksheet - know your bonds.

Write at least 1 super sentence that telks the reader a facinating fact about each continent.

Top Tip – The continents song has some information in the lyrics!

Thursday 14th

Watch the video and complete the worksheet - related facts.

Who is your superhero and why? Reflect on those who fill us with gratitude.

Watch the video and complete the superhero task.

You can draw your own or use the template in your pack.    

Friday 15th

Watch the video and complete the worksheet - bonds to 100 (tens).​ 



Listen to this example of African music. Have a go at copying the dance moves. We’d love to see your dance videos uploaded to portfolio on class dojo!

Knowledge Organisers (to support wider learning)



Design Tech








Additional Learning Links

Spellings & Phonics

Spell Anywhere!


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