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Mrs Hope


Homework Tasks

We are reading...


One day a little boy is walking along when he trips, stumbles and falls ... into the Stone Age! He meets a girl his own age and her tribe, and learns all about their way of life. (Click image to listen).

What are we learning this half-term?

In english and maths we will be working hard to catch-up on lots of key skills that will help us succeed in Year 3. We know lots of you worked hard during lockdown if you couldn't come to school, but we think this little boost will be really helpful.

In science, we will begin by looking at living things, but in particular we'll look at the human skeleton too and what the purpose of different bones are and more.

In history, we will be investigating the Stone Age, moving into the Bronze Age and then finishing off by comparing these to the Iron Age.

We'll also be learning a new language for the first time (perhaps some of you already speak more than one language?) and we'll be investigating French!

In PE we'll begin by doing some athletics work. We'll also be doing lots of work to help you settle in to Year 3 and the juniors and to make your classroom look lovely and inviting to anyone who visits. There's so much more too, I can't wait!

Knowledge Organisers (to support learning)




Design Tech


These buttons will become active as more knowledge organisers are added here, thanks.

Other Useful Information

For the first couple of weeks, we will not be sending reading books and diaries home, but please encourage your child to read their own books at home also.

PE will happen on Tuesdays for Year 3, and you will have read that children should come to school already in their PE uniform - we will not be changing at school.

You may contact me on Class Dojo but enquiries of a general school nature should be directed to the school office. Please use our contact link above for details.

Additional Learning Links

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