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In English we will be continuing with our Space theme with the story 'Alien's Love Underpants' by Claire Freedman and Ben Cort. 


Reception will be using their phonic knowledge and tricky words to write about aliens and retelling the story using descriptive language.

Nursery will be describing the story setting, main characters and events and using new vocabulary to help them sequence the story.


In maths, following all our work on Space, Shape and Measure, we will be returning to work on number. I wonder just how many aliens are hiding in our classroom?

Reception will be using their existing learning to help them explore larger numbers. We will be astronauts in space and finding out how 'moon walking' can help us solve'one more' and 'one less questions. Then we will move on to finding practical ways to solve addition and subtraction problems.

Nursery will be using stories, rhymes and games to look more closely at the numerals and quantities to five. They will also be counting alien space footprints and making giant leaps to find different numerals in space boots!

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Knowledge and Understanding of the World

We will continue to look at the changes around us as we move from Winter to Spring and also look at all the different planets in our Solar System.

We will be active outside in our Early Years garden to help clear all of the wild flower seed heads that have helped the birds over the winter. We will also be planting new seeds and vegetables which we can measure as they grow. We will use some collected branches from the Forest School area to make natural mobiles to hang from the trees. We might add some seed to the mobiles to help the birds feed their chicks. 

We will investigate all the different planets to find out which one we want to find out more about and this will help us create and write some fact files with all the information we have found.

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Friday - calculation

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