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Reception and Nursery will start this new school year with a short topic on feelings and emotions to help everyone settle back into school. We will use the fantastic book called 'The Colour Monster' by Anna Llenas. One day, the Colour Monster wakes up feeling very confused. His emotions are all over the place; he feels angry, happy, calm, sad and scared all at once! Fortunately, he has a special friend who can help him sort out how he feels and gives each feeling a different colour.  We will be naming feelings and making marks to write and then talk about when we might have each feeling.

 We will continue our English learning by moving into a '999 Emergency topic using the book 'Emergency!' by Margaret Mayo. We will be learning how to hold a pencil correctly to form letters. We will be looking at rhyme and alliteration and listening to initial sounds in words. We will be recognising and writing names using a cursive letter formation (have a look at the Jedi writing link above for the correct formation). In Nursery we will be encouraging confident mark makers, exploring sensory ways of making patterns and talking about our pictures and drawings.


Phonics: We use a carefully planned phonics strategy, based upon ‘Letters and Sounds’ which progressively teaches the children the children how to sound out words to read them and then hear the sounds in words to be able to write them. 

Class Text


Monday -     Reception and Nursery Sharing books
               in to be changed please

Tuesday - 

Wednesday - Reception PE
               Reception children please come to                   school in PE kits. Nursery children
               will be doing activities in our outside
               area so will not need PE kits.

Thursday - 

Friday -      Reception 2nd book change


In maths, we use exciting and practical ways of exploring number concepts and shape. We will be learning how to recognise and write numerals to five and practice counting objects one at a time. We will extend our learning to explore how many ways we can make 10 and even having a 5th birthday party for our class Colour Monster! We will also explore 2D shapes, sorting objects in different ways and making repeating patterns. We will use our outside area as much as possible and develop children's natural interest in exploration and reasoning. Can we count how many leaves have fallen off the trees? Is that possible? Is my firefighter bucket bigger or smaller than yours? Can you jump higher than me? How long do you think a fire engine's ladder is? How many rungs does it have?

Knowledge and Understanding of the World

Using an enquiry based approach to our learning, we will look at questions like: What colour is happiness? Who can help us in an emergency?

As we explore cultures from all over the world, we will investigate if we all celebrate the same way? We will look at Diwali and compare it to other cultures such as Poland or the UK. As we move through Autumn, we will find out where hedgehogs go in winter and what hibernate means. We will also use topic cards from home to create more questions to investigate.

Word Aware - Learn a word a day to improve your language

Monday - emergency

Tuesday - firefighter

Wednesday - rescue

Thursday - ambulance

Friday - paramedic 

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Physical Development

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Personal, Social

and Emotional Development




Knowledge and


of the World

Expressive Arts

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