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Reception and Nursery will be continuing our dinosaur topic with the book 'Harry and the Bucketful of Dinosaurs' by Ian Whybrow and Adrian Reynolds. This lovely book tells the story of Harry's discovery of some dinosaur toys covered in dust in his Nan's attic and the adventures they go on together. 

We will start our English learning by making predictions about the story based upon the illustration on the book cover.  We will then draw our own story map to help us think about the sequence of the story and write about our favourite parts. We will design our own bucket and then write sentences to describe which dinosaurs we would like to put in it. Finally, we will make our own story into a little book, so we can be an author and illustrator too! Nursery will be practising listening to hear the initial sounds in words and then practising stretchiiiiiiinggg out words to be able to hear all the sounds. We will also be working on our pencil control and starting to write our names and letters to match the sounds they are learning in phonics. We will be using role play and mark making to order and write about the sequence of our dinosaur story and talking about the characters, settings and events in the book. We are still waiting for our dinosaur egg to hatch. Our homework this half term includes writing a letter to the egg to get it to hurry up!

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Reception will be counting confidently beyond 20 and will know that larger numbers are further along a number track. We will also be consolidating our work on addition to enable us to do this independently and then we will move onto subtraction within 10. We will be learning doubles to 5+5 and sharing, understanding when it is fair (equal groups) or not fair (unequal groups) and halving.
Nursery will be looking at recognising number words, so that ‘4’ means that they need to give four objects. We will also be counting and remembering numerals to 10 and matching the correct number of objects to numerals up to 5 and then 10.


Knowledge and Understanding of the World

We will be watching how our plants in our hanging baskets are growing and making sure they have everything they need like water and sunshine to grow. We will learn how to keep ourselves safe in the sunshine and why wearing hats, drinking water and not getting too hot are good for our bodies.

We will be using an enquiry approach to our topic learning, using questions such as: Did the world that the dinosaurs lived in , look different to now? We will also link the question, ‘where did the dinosaurs go, with our previous topic on space to link our learning together.

In preparation for moving into new classes, we will also be looking at similarities and differences between the class we are in now and the class we will be in when September comes. This will all be part of our transition work to help children settle in to their new year group. 

Word Aware - Learn a word a day to improve your language

Monday - prediction

Tuesday - author/illustrator

Wednesday - prehistoric

Thursday -excavate

Friday - dinosaur names 

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