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What Is Growth Mindset?


The term ‘growth mindset’ refers to a way of thinking, learning and taking on challenges. A person with a growth mindset is open to constructive criticism, takes feedback and uses it, takes on new challenges, pushes themselves outside of their comfort zone and shows resilience and perseverance.

Studies show that it is people with a growith mindset (as opposed to a fixed mindset) who achieve in life, are successful in all they do and are happy. Of course, this is exactly what we want for all our children.


Having been introduced to the concept of growth mindset at Nantwich Primary Academy and Nursery this year, pupils will participate in a range of activities to learn more about it and try to display a growth mindset in school (and at home). Pupils are taught how their brains work and how new connections are formed when we try new things and practise them, over and over.


What we have done so far:

Within our Growth Mindset sessions, our pupils have been looking at the different terminology surrounded with a fixed and growth mindset. Throughout the 6 week programme, we have also investigated why we find things difficult, the way the brain forms, the effects of stereotypes and how we can change our mindset.

Our next steps:

In developing our growth mindset ethos, we will be reflecting on how we have adopted a growth mindset and looking at how this has impacted ourselves as individuals.


Below, you will find relevant and useful references for further reading.

For grown-ups:

‘Mindset: The New Psychology of Success’, Carol Dweck

‘Mindset: How You Can Fulfil Your Potential’, Carol Dweck

‘Growth Mindset Pocketbook’, B. Hymer & M. Gershon


For sharing with children:

‘Your Fantastic Elastic Brain’, J. Deak & S. Ackerley

‘I Can’t do This’, K.J. Walton

‘The Dot’, Peter H. Reynolds

‘Ish’, Peter H. Reynolds

‘Ryan the Spy and: The Superhero Secret’, Jason Rago

Carol Dweck: The Effect of Praise on Growth Mindsets

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