Leavers 2020

We're so very proud of all Year 6, and sad to see you leave,

But we're also happy that you're moving up,

and always will BELIEVE

That your talents will grow as you do too

Keep on shining bright and true

An example for all who will follow YOU!

Principal's Message

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"Year 6 were my first Year One class at NPA. I remember a trip to Beeston with them, walking through the woods in the mud! The mud came right over their feet and their little wellies kept getting stuck in the mud. They were a clever bunch even then. I fondly remember Archie writing me a 2-page 3 Little Pigs story a few days after he started in Year One! Good luck Year 6!"
- Mrs McGhie
"It was an absolute privilege to teach this wonderful class. Individually, every one of them a star and together a 'dream team'. May your light continue to shine brightly. Oh, the places you will go!"
- Mrs Dickens
"Year 6 are a group of youngsters who will go far and strive for everything they want to achieve. Taya, Harriet and Sean have always been fabulous in After School Club. I loved watching Sean challenging Miss Garnett to every game in our cupboard and teaching others to play chess. Taya's kind and loving nature has been invaluable with our younger children, and Harriet helping Miss Garnett and I stay organised will be sorely missed!"
- Mrs Hassall
"I had the best year with this class in Year 4. We had an amazing trip to Tatton Park where we learnt about the Vikings and Saxons and then we had real life Mercian Men coming into school. It was an absolute pleasure to teach them and then I was lucky enough to teach them again in Year 6. They are all amazing and deserve all the luck in the world."
- Mrs Mcmaster
"My favourite memory was when year 6 led the singing and read all the parts in the first Key Stage 2 concert last Christmas, 'From Darkness into Light'. Year 6 helped the rest of the choir put so much enthusiasm and joy into the performance that the audience became so emotional - some even cried with proud tears. You learnt to sing in parts, sung your heart out in solos and then spoke bravely with such confidence to a large audience. It was your time to shine in that concert and you made such an impact on everyone listening that I am sure they will remember that concert forever. I am sure you will shine just as brightly at High School."
- Mrs Hope
"Like Mrs McGhie, my first memory of this class was their trip to Beeston. It was a really long trek in the rain and I remember how they helped each other with words of encouragement, as they waded through the mud. Even back then it was clear what a special group they were and how obvious it was that they had bonded together to make friendships that will last a lifetime. I'm sure they will look back and cherish their time together and I wish them all luck as they move on to High School."
- Mrs Knapper
"A delight to teach - only good memories of this wonderful group of children. I'm so proud with how they moved on from Year 5 and took on the challenge of Year 6 and the challenges that 2020 threw at us all. Year 6 you are all amazing. Let's not forget - you survived all my bad jokes and made me smile every day. We had some great times, and you all have a brilliant array of talents and potential. One thing that has been mentioned above is how good you all are at supporting each other in all situations. You're kind, courteous, courageous, curious, resilient and so much more. To get to sit and listen to you all play your instruments at the Hallé Orchestra was a special moment, but more than anything I'll value all the things that you taught me in our time together."
- Mr Bebbington
"Year 6 are the only class that I haven't taught at NPA although I was lucky enough to teach some of them for phonics when I first started! I do remember the Little Pigs writing that Mrs McGhie referred to and visiting their pig houses in the outdoor area. Good luck Year 6; I wish you all the luck in the world for your next steps and your next adventures - you will all be amazing."
- Mrs Turner
"Year 6 are an amazing class who strive to be the best they can. My favourite memory was in Year 4 when they became Roman soldiers and had to march around Chester. They have been a delight to work with and I have loved watching their personalities grow throughout their time at NPA. I wish them all the best in their future endeavours and know that they will go far."
- Mr Potts
"I always used to look forward to working with this lovely class when they were in Year 5. They always worked so hard and supported each other to be the best they could be. I hope all your hopes and dreams for the future come true. It has always been a pleasure to work with you."
- Mrs Antoszkiw
"Year 6 were the first class I worked with at NPA. I was then lucky enough to work with them all the way up to Year 4. I have so many fond memories of them all. They were always able to make me laugh and smile every day. I feel very privileged to have been able to watch them grow into the amazing young people they are today. You should all be very proud of yourselves. I wish you all the very best for the future."
- Mrs Foster
"Year 6, I remember welcoming you all on your first day. You were a delight to teach, always hardworking and thoughtful. It has been lovely to watch you grow into such wonderful individuals. Best wishes for the future. Keep smiling; you're all amazing!"
- Mrs Bird
"Year 6, it has been an absolute pleasure to work with you all since Year 3. I remember our Friday afternoon sketching lessons, a highlight of the week for me. You were always so keen and enthusiastic. Also, watching Newsround so we would win Friday's Quiz of the Week! There are so many fond memories for me. You've been a true delight to teach and I'm really proud of all you've achieved. Thank you for making me smile and laugh each day. Remember, always set your sights high - aim for the stars - you're all capable of making a huge positive difference! Well done, good luck to you all. You are the best!"
- Mrs Seddon
"I remember you were all in Reception when I first came to work here. When I met you, I knew that this was a special place. You were great friends even then, dancing on the sandpit stage with Sophia writing song lyrics. What a great bunch! You were so lucky to have found great friendships that lasted all through your time here. We will miss you all. Keep being fab!"
- Mrs Li
"You have always been an amazing class filled with great personalities. I know you will all go far! Enjoy High School. I will miss you all. Reach for the stars!"
- Mrs Lyall-Brookes
"Those of you who I had the pleasure of spending time with in after school club, added an extra bit of sparkle to the afternoons. You always spoke so fondly of the rest of your classmates, that I know you have had a wonderful time learning together and having fun. Good luck in high school. I know you'll be great!"
- Miss Garnett

"Now go be the best you can,

charge 'your' batteries up,

and stay safe over the summer.

We hope to see you again,

sometime soon. Good luck!"

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