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Subject Snapshot

At Nantwich Primary Academy, our intent is to provide a rich and engaging music curriculum that inspires and fosters a love of music in all pupils. We aim to develop their creativity, self-expression, and musical skills using the Kapow music scheme of work as our foundation.

Through the study of music, students gain essential cultural capital by exploring a diverse range of genres, composers, and musical traditions from various historical periods and cultures. This exposure not only enhances their appreciation for music as an art form but also fosters a deeper understanding of the world around them.

Our implementation of the Kapow music scheme ensures that pupils receive a comprehensive music education that is carefully structured to build upon their previous knowledge and experiences. Lessons encompass a wide array of activities, including singing, playing instruments, improvising, composing, and analysing music, enabling students to

develop their skills progressively.

The impact of our music curriculum is evident in the growing confidence and enthusiasm pupils exhibit in their musical abilities. Through regular performance opportunities, both within the school and in the wider community, students develop their self-esteem and teamwork skills, which are crucial for their personal growth and future success.

In conclusion, the music curriculum at Nantwich Primary Academy aims to create well-rounded, culturally aware individuals who possess the skills and passion needed to engage with and appreciate music throughout their lives.

Subject Policy

Progression Pathway


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The provision of life experiences for our children is very important at Nantwich Primary Academy. Through various opportunities we enhance the delivery of our curriculum and the lives of our children by inspiring them and building their curiosity to ultimately have a positive effect on their outlook on life.


However, to specifically impact upon the life chances of our pupils, we aim to reduce the social inequalities in our society by developing the knowledge, tastes and attitudes of our children. We aim to ensure that they develop high cultural capital that will be valued by further education and future employers.

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Cultural Capital
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Examples of Cross-Curricular Links


Pupils can explore the role of music in storytelling, using songs and musical pieces to inspire creative writing or to deepen their understanding of a narrative's atmosphere and emotions.


Pupils can investigate patterns and sequences in music, such as rhythm, note values, and time signatures, to develop their understanding of mathematical concepts like fractions and ratios.


Pupils can learn about sound waves, pitch, and volume, as well as the properties of different musical instruments and how they produce sound.


Pupils can explore the evolution of music through different historical periods, understanding the cultural significance of various musical styles and their impact on society.





Pupils can examine the influence of different cultures and traditions on music, comparing and contrasting instruments, scales, and styles from around the world.

Pupils can create visual representations of the emotions and themes expressed in music, or design and make their own musical instruments using various materials and techniques.

Pupils can incorporate music into dance and movement activities, helping them develop coordination, rhythm, and self-expression.

Pupils can learn French songs or study famous French composers and musicians, broadening their cultural understanding and reinforcing their language skills.

A music progression pathway at Nantwich Primary Academy, following the Kapow scheme of work, ensures a well-structured and enriching learning journey for pupils as they develop vital musical skills and knowledge. The pathway focuses on several core areas, including listening and appraising, composing, performing, and understanding the interrelated dimensions of music.

The progression pathway is designed to build upon previous learning, fostering creativity and expression, and cultivating a lifelong love of music. By providing a clear, step-by-step framework, the pathway supports a consistent and high-quality music education across all year groups. This approach not only enables pupils to develop their musical abilities but also enriches their cultural capital and prepares them for further musical exploration and opportunities beyond their primary education.

P2S Music

In music lessons at Nantwich Primary, we provide our children with valuable subject-specific knowledge and musical vocabulary. We strive to nurture and encourage enjoyment and creativity in the music classroom to enable our learners to apply their skills to become great listeners, composers and performers. We teach them how music has enhanced the lives of people for generations through shared experiences that promote a collective sense of belonging. We shine light on how musical skills and knowledge can build a pathway for success in the creative industries. We empower our pupils to raise their aspirations and through the accumulation of skills and knowledge, prepare them for an exciting future.

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