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Year 3 and 4
at Congleton Town Hall
Friday 24th March 2023

Music, words & actions
for practising.

'Love Music Trust' will be releasing tickets for parents to come and watch the Singfest concert at Congleton Town Hall in early 2023 and we will let you know as soon as they are available.


Tickets will be available via


The webpage will include links for all 7 concerts and will be labelled with the schools performing in each.

Warm-up Songs

Songs and Lyrics


There are two songs for us to learn this year. The first is called the Dreamers Medley. It includes 11 songs all based on Dreams! Here is a tracklist and a link to the lyrics and music.

  • I Dreamed a Dream

  • Starmaker

  • A Million Dreams

  • Dream a Little Dream of Me

  • Boulevard of Broken Dreams

  • All I Have to do is Dream

  • Dreams

  • Sweet Dreams

  • Never Had a Dream Come True

  • I Have a Dream

  • Any Dream Will Do



The second is called the Dancers Medley. It includes 12 songs all based on getting up and dancing! Here is a tracklist and a link to the lyrics and music.

  • Blame it on the Boogie

  • Dancing in the Moonlight

  • Dancing on the Ceiling

  • Dance the Night Away

  • Dance with Me Tonight

  • Dancing with Myself

  • Dancing Queen

  • Footloose

  • Just Sing and Dance

  • I Wanna Dance with Somebody

  • I’m in the Mood for Dancing

  • Flashdance


Remember, practice makes perfect! The more rehearsal you have, the more confident you will feel on the day! Good luck!

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