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On Friday 8th May we will celebrate the 75th anniversary of Victory in Europe Day (VE Day). This is the day where the Allied Forces accepted the Nazi’s unconditional surrender from World War 2.

Although the war was not fully over, VE Day signalled an end and in 1945 more than one million people took to the streets of the UK to celebrate with street parties and parades as it gave them a glimpse of a future that was not dominated by war.

The BBC has a short video on VE Day that you can watch here.

You may have seen that the Mayor of Nantwich is encouraging residents to hold a stay at home street party to commemorate this special day. He is encouraging people to decorate their houses in red, white and blue and enjoy a picnic in your garden if possible. This is part of bigger nationwide celebrations.

Lots of bunting and flags can be downloaded from this website for children to decorate at home.


Or viewed on

Although the sing along is being held at 9pm perhaps the children could join in a little earlier?


You can send us videos of them joining in and the other ways in which you celebrated VE Day via ClassDojo.

Not sure how to add a video to ClassDojo? Check out this handy YouTube guide on how to do it:

Click here for guide

And here for more info if needed.


"Learn the words to 'We'll Meet Again' in the video below!"



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