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Below are a series of events that NPA pupils can have a go at as many times as they wish up until the date of Friday 26th June. The aim of virtual town sports is for as many pupils as possible so we will not be asking for times or distances, just evidence of them having a go on their own, or with their family etc.

Children can compete against other children in their household, but the main competition will be based on how many children from each school take part. You can help NPA do well in this competition by getting involved.

Pupils can have a go at 1 or all of the challenges below and submit pictures or video of them having a go to their teacher on Class Dojo, or direct to the virtual town sports organiser on Twitter using @CandNSSP 

A point will be awarded for each pupil taking part in an event and the school with the most points will be the Virtual Town Sports winner. Each pupil taking part will receive a digital certificate. The events will be simple to run and will require very little equipment. The deadline is Friday 26th June.

Field Events

Shot Put.png
Triple Jump.png
Long Jump.png

Track Events

Bean Bag Race.png
Hurdle Race.png
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