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Mrs Li

Hello Year 2!

Welcome to our 'Remote Learning' page!

This is the place to come to check out the lessons I have ready for you, and to find information about planned Zoom meetings. Also, further down, you'll find additional resources to support your online learning.

THE DAILY PLAN: (Monday to Thursday)

Zoom 1 - 9.45 am

        Maths zoom lesson

This week the focus on our Maths will be fractions

Our fluency starters will include: Doubles / Halving / Finding 1/4

Zoom 2 - 12.45 pm

   English / Phonics zoom lesson

This week we will be continuing our work on The Seeds of Friendship and using our ideas to write a piece of poetry.

Problem of the week biscuit challenge.PN

Maths Problem of the Week!

This week  have a go at solving the problem of The Amazing Splitting Plant.

You can uses models, drawings or calculations to help in finding a solution. I look forward to seeing your approach on portfolio! 

Good Luck :)


Click on me for Pobble

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Word Aware - Learn a word a day to improve your language

Monday - third

Tuesday - unit-fraction

Wednesday - collage

Thursday - non-unit fraction

Friday - equivalence

This week's learning tasks, links & help videos (if needed):

Monday 1st March

Watch the video and complete the worksheet - Recognise a third.

Then have a go at todays problem - Stack 'em, then whack 'em!.


I am a geographer!

This week you will research African food and try out a simple African inspired lunch. Many fruits are grown in Africa, so an fruit salad is a good option. You might also like to try baking bread. Maybe you’d like to try a Chapati (East African bread).

Tuesday 2nd March

Watch the video and complete the worksheet - Find a Third.

Then have a go at todays problem - Survival Supply Store.

I am active! Get moving this week and work out with Corey Martin.

Wednesday 3rd March

Watch the video and complete the worksheet - Unit Fractions.

Then have a go at todays problem - That's how we roll.


I am an artist! This is the final session in your art printing series. This week you will look at the work of Natasha Maksimovic and use your own prints to present your own collage.

Click on me

Thursday 4th March

Watch the video and complete the worksheet - Non-unit Fractions.

Then have a go at todays problem - Ten Nice Things.


I am a scientist! This week we will continue work on our mini habitat shoebox model. (This project is running for 2 weeks). You can make a large habitat or a microhabitat – the choice is yours. Consider the features of a good habitat including opportunity for food, shelter, water, air and protection from predators.

Friday 5th March


Watch the video and complete the worksheet - Equivalence.

Then have a go at todays problem - Time for Fun!.

Click on me for your template


I am healthy! Take time out this week to look after your mind. Use the colouring techniques to mindfulness.

Your bookmark will fold in the middle and become 2 sided. When you return to school, we will be happy to laminate it for you.

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