Year 3 Remote Learning Page


Mr Bebbington

Hello Year 3!

Welcome to our 'Remote Learning' page!

We're now half-way through Year 3 and it's the start of the 2nd half of the spring term! Like before, this is the place to come for online links to your remote learning.

This week's POBBLE writing task:


THE DAILY PLAN: (Monday to Thursday)


Zoom 1 - 10.15 am

Zoom 2 - 1.15 pm

Fri- No Zoom call. I will be reviewing portfolios.

Please Note: There will be no afternoon zooms on Wednesday or Thursday this week, thanks.

Word Aware - Learn a word a day to improve your language

Monday - noun

Tuesday - adjective

Wednesday - verb

Thursday - adverb

Friday - preposition


This week's learning tasks, links & help videos (if needed):

Remember to click the yellow THIS WEEK'S TASKS button

above to check out your weekly spellings, weekly maths fluency, handwriting and arithmetic challenges plus extra information.

In Science, click on the buttons below to access your "Rocks knowledge check" and "Forces & magnets knowledge check" activities online. These are included in the home packs also.



In Geography, as part of our UK topic this week and next we will try and improve our map skills. Look at this week's tasks for more details. Here are two links to Google Earth (one is an online version, the second is a free download). Always ask an adult before downloading anything.

In Art, use the 'make a sketchbook' tutorial at this link to create your own sketchbook. In the home pack, I mistakenly wrote about using this sketchbook at half-term, but I should of course have written about after half-term. Use it to sketch anything interesting you see around the home, in the garden or on walks for the remainder of this half-term whenever you get the chance.

In Computing, use this instruction sheet with steps and photos to help you have a go at a Binary Investigation. The boy in the photos is called Arnold, and he has some extra computing challenges for you here. Also, if you have a printer, you may find ready-made cards for the binary challenge here also.

In Geography, please test out your map skills using these fun UK / map activities here. Additionally, if you have the home learning pack you will see activites about a "Treasure Hunt" and also "The Compass". Here are the online links:

Can you add detail of the major natural features of the UK to the coastlines challenge map? (Think famous lakes, forests, mountain ranges...)


Friday Problem-Solving Challenge: "Rows of Coins"

If you successfully completed this challenge before half-term and contacted me, you would have been given 10 dojos. If you haven't found the full solution yet, have a go. We did have a go on our Zoom, so only try the bits you haven't found the answer to. If you weren't on the relevant zoom, please have a go at the full task.

Finding the maths too tricky this week?

Use the website "Hit The Button" by Top Marks and play the number bonds, doubles, halves and times-tables games.
I also recommend continuing your journey on Numbots (link above) and improving your Times-Table Rockstars stats.

Also, as the theme this week is 'tally charts and pictograms' perhaps you could make a tally chart of the different types of vehicles that drive past your window? Or perhaps different types of birds you spot? You can come up with your own ideas too. CHALLENGE: Have a go at turning your tally chart into a simple pictogram. HELP LINK: How to draw simple pictograms (Corbett Maths).

Finding the english too tricky this week?

Look at the alternative tasks on the weekly overview that you can do instead of the Daily Pobble task. Try the 1 Star reading comprehension task from the UK Garden Birds Comprehension button higher up this page.

Also, February 26th is "Tell A Fairy-Tale Day 2021" - why not take this opportunity to retell a fairy-tale to somebody in your family, or find one in a book you have at home. You can even try to retell one from memory. If you can't find one, you can try this online link that should help: FABLES AND FAIRY-TALES

Knowledge Organisers (to support wider learning)



Design Tech




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Additional Learning Links (Use this link for a bigger list)


Have you been practising your number bonds?

Have you been busy on TT Rockstars?

How good are you doing on NumBots?

Well below you can test your skills against a serious group of Superheroes and Supervillains! And who knows... if you follow the rules and get through them all, you might be ready to take on THE INCREDIBLE HULK!

Hello Year 3.

On this page you will find timers, music and more importantly buttons to have a go at the number bonds (supervillains) or times-tables (superheroes). Try to do all the questions in 5 minutes, or if you're less confident in 10 minutes.


No cheating - you must only move on to the next hero or villain IF you can answer ALL the questions, with NO mistakes, in 5 minutes. Yes, 5 minutes. It's tough, but that is part of the challenge. Find it hard? Practise using the 10 minute timer.


(Super Villain Challenges)


(Super Hero Challenges)



Wow ... but look who is waiting for you now. If you can beat

The Incredible Hulk, you truly are a mathematics marvel!