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Mr Bebbington

Hello Year 3!

As you will know, we are all back at school on Monday March 8th, 2021.

As a result, this week will be the last full week of class zoom calls. Keep up your amazing effort as we will have a lot to celebrate when we all meet a week on Monday. Take care, Mr Bebbington.

This week's POBBLE writing task:


THE DAILY PLAN: (Monday to Thursday)

Zoom 1 - 10.15 am

Zoom 2 - 1.15 pm


Fri- No Zoom call. I will be reviewing portfolios.

Word Aware - Learn a word a day to improve your language

Monday - mountain

Tuesday - range

Wednesday - peak

Thursday - contour

Friday - relief

 Log-in code:   uxe9762 

This week's learning tasks, links & help videos (if needed). Remember, full details on the overview.

For the overview, click 'This week's learning takss (PDF)' button. The 6 buttons below are optional extras

French Flag


Bored and you want to have a look back at the French we have learnt in year 3? Click the pic :)

Other tasks breakdown:

Handwriting Challenge

"Look at the words from both spelling groups (on the overview sheet). Write a sentence in your most beautiful, joined-up writing that has both words in. How many can you do (no need to do them all).

E.g. The brown bear felt the scent of some delicious honey.

E.g. The bare, broken cupboard was sent to the skip for throwing away.

Weekly Maths Fluency: Do the 10 questions on the overview sheet.

Weekly Spellings: Learn and test yourself on the 10 spellings this week.

Science: Log-in to if you need to revise anything on plants, and have a go at the knowledge tests for: plants.

Geography: As a link to our UK topic, and considering that there are several famous mountain ranges across the countries of the UK, have a go at the "What a Relief!" and "Make Your Own Contour Island!" activities. You'll need card or a cereal box for the 2nd activity. Links here.

Art: 5x5 Grid Challenge

"You can do a little of this challenge, every day, until you're done. Look at the black and white grid patterns on the first sheet, and read the information / questions - then, have a go yourself!"

Science / Art:

"Did you know, that science and art are the same thing? They're both an attempt to understand the world around us. At least, that's what some people say! Have a go at the art challenge about Maria Sibylla Merian."

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics):

"Design a bridge to cross the River Weaver! What are the rules? You can of course use pencils to draw your ideas, scissors to cut materials, glue or tape to stick things together. If you have the internet, look at river bridge designs and the types of structures and shapes used. What materials do you have at home that would work? How creative can you be?

Here's a link to a sheet with photos of the River Weaver bridges:

Knowledge Organisers (to support wider learning)



Design Tech








Have you been practising your number bonds?

Have you been busy on TT Rockstars?

How good are you doing on NumBots?

Well below you can test your skills against a serious group of Superheroes and Supervillains! And who knows... if you follow the rules and get through them all, you might be ready to take on THE INCREDIBLE HULK!

Hello Year 3.

On this page you will find timers, music and more importantly buttons to have a go at the number bonds (supervillains) or times-tables (superheroes). Try to do all the questions in 5 minutes, or if you're less confident in 10 minutes.


No cheating - you must only move on to the next hero or villain IF you can answer ALL the questions, with NO mistakes, in 5 minutes. Yes, 5 minutes. It's tough, but that is part of the challenge. Find it hard? Practise using the 10 minute timer.


(Super Villain Challenges)


(Super Hero Challenges)


Wow ... but look who is waiting for you now. If you can beat

The Incredible Hulk, you truly are a mathematics marvel!

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