Year 6 Remote Learning Page


Mrs Dickens

Hello Year 6!

Welcome to our 'Remote Learning' page!

This is the place to come to check out the lessons I have ready for you, and to find information about planned Zoom meetings. Also, further down, you'll find additional resources to support your online learning.


THE DAILY PLAN: (Monday to Thursday)

Zoom 1 - 11.45 am

Guided Reading

Zoom 2 - 2.30 pm

Ensure you also have your SODA with you

Other Things To Note:

Morning - SODA, English, Maths

Afternoon - Topic

Fri- No Zoom call. I will be reviewing portfolios.

Word Aware - Learn a word a day to improve your language

Monday - extremely

Tuesday - awesome

Wednesday - bizarre

Thursday -tremendous


Friday - proportion


This week's learning tasks, links & help videos (if needed):

Monday - This morning focus on your Science , before tacking your other subjects, once you have your packs.

In our morning Zoom session we will be catching up after the holiday and talking about transition to High School.

Tuesday - work through the guided reading and maths. Tuesday's English will be done together as a zoom lesson.


Geography – Topic – The USA Today you will be finding out all about the Mississippi as well as revising some key features of rivers. Read or watch the ppt and then watch the video on the link. Then complete your task by adding in the missing details on the outline map.

Wednesday - work through the guided reading and English. Wednesday's maths will be done together as a zoom lesson. 


Computing - we will be continuing our work on flat file databases.

Thursday - work through the SODA, Maths and English. Thursday's Guided Reading will be done together as a zoom lesson. 

Geography - Find out about the colourful and vibrant city of New Orleans. 

Friday - work through the guided reading, English, Maths and SODA. 

Art - we will be looking at different techniques involved with papercraft.

Knowledge Organisers (to support wider learning)



Design Tech




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Spellings & Phonics

First 100 High-Frequency Words
First 100 HFW (cursive joins)
Next 200 High-Frequency Words
Next 200 HFW (cursive joins)