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We'll complete our look at the non-fiction text we chose to link in with our topic, before moving on to a new and exciting text all about a time-travelling cat after the Easter break! We'll recap the main elements we need to see in Year 3 writing (from punctuation to using interesting sentence structure and types of words), and we'll keep developing the way we answer comprehension questions in our Guided Reading gems work. Each Friday we'll do our regular spellings test too, so practise regularly!


In maths we will be working hard on our basic skills of number bonds and of course multiplication and division facts. We'll have a 'number of the day' which we'll use to keep reinforcing mathematical concepts with calculation. We're going to keep looking at measurements and if we can ties this in with our science or topic you bet we will! Also, we'll look to consolidate the work we did on statistics and graphs, particularly in our science work.


We have looked at parts of the UK and in particular focused on the physical and human features of the country we live in. Now though, up until Easter, we need to really focus in on our map reading skills and looking at the key features of maps. In addition, we need to make sure we are familiar with the 7 continents and can name these. We also need to be able to use and read 4-figure grid references.

Additionally, we'll begin getting to grips with our plants topic in science now that the weather will gradually begin to improve.

Class Text

Word Aware - Learn a word a day to improve your language

Monday - stem

Tuesday - petal

Wednesday - leaf

Thursday - stamen

Friday - stigma

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