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We loved our topic of Extreme Earth and the extremely interesting books we read about natural disasters! This term our topic is 'The Romans'! We are going to be reading the Roman myth 'Remus and Romulus' and looking at why it was such an important tale for Romans. We will then be looking at 'Escape from Pompeii' by Christina Balti and how Mount Vesuvius devasted the city of Pompeii. We can't wait to work on some great pieces of writing!

In Guided Reading, we will be reading 'Roman Diary: the Journal of Illiona'! This is a fantastic novel set as a diary entry from a Roman girl called Illiona. It tells the tale of her journey to England in Roman times and the trials and challenges she faces. Our non-fiction text is 'So you think you've got it bad, a kids life in Ancient Rome' by the British Library and explores the typical life of children across Ancient Rome!

Year 4 worked so hard on learning their spellings last term, and we are going to continue the regular practice and make sure we understand the rules that words follow - especially in the wonderful world of homophones!




This term, we are continuing to explore Decimals and how they relate to the fractions knowledge we have already learned. We will then be moving on to looking at Money, Time and Measurement. It is a great time to start practising the time at home with your children to get them used to the clock faces - digital and analogue!

This half term, we will be taking the Government Multiplication Check which is compulsory for all Year 4 children across the country. It is an online check, where the children get 25 random questions focussing on all the timestables (with the majority being based around the 6x, 7x, 8x, 9x and 12x tables). The test is purely for a record of where the children are up to and to help make sure their timetable knowledge is secure for Upper Key Stage 2. The children have to get 25/25 to pass so we will really be focussing on getting our rapid recall up this half term. We will be doing TimesTables Rockstars multiple times a week and the children will be bringing home booklets to keep practising over the weekends. All the support you can offer is appreciated and can help the children reach their goals!





This term, our new topic is The Romans! We will be using our topic lessons to look at the History of the Roman Empire and how it grew over time. We will be exploring their lifestyles, how they battled, their emperors and royals and so much more! We are even going to dress up as Roman soldiers for the day.... it will be so exciting!

Word Aware - Learn a word a day to improve your language

Each day from Monday to Friday, choose a word from your weekly spelling list.

Play the Word Aware rap video to the left, and use your chosen word in the rap!

Try with any new words too!

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