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Year 6: Mr Bebbington & Mrs Antoszkiw


Welcome to the Year 6 class page!

Reading diaries: In school each day please
Spellings & Times-tables: tested on Fridays
Homework: Regular weekly practise plus half-termly tasks
Homework books: In school each Wednesday please
PE Day: PE will now be on Wednesday and Friday.

Maths Booster: New letters out shortly for new slot.


NEW! Awesome grammar & spelling games!


Rollama Grammar & Spelling Games are so much fun - just click the Rollama button to go straight to the PDF links. Try year 6 grammar games, year 5 & 6 speling games or anything!


In English, we will be reading The Good Thieves by Katherine Rundell. This is a fantastic story which provides many writing opportunities for us to explore.

Set in New York, it follows the adventures of Vita, as she attempts to save her Grandpa after he falls victim to the evil Sorrotorre.

We will have lots of avenues to explore including diaries, stories and ingenious plans!

In Guided Reading, we will be focusing on developing our core skills, with time spent on key elements of comprehension,


Katherine Rundell



A two-week look at ratio will be followed up with an exploration of algebra. Following this we will do two-week blocks on decimals, and then expand our scope to examine fractions, decimals and percentages.

We will tackle work on area, perimeter and volume and then finish with a couple of weeks looking at mathematics and statistics.

Running alongside all of this will be our work on preparing for the 3 mathematics SATs tests in May.


Watch this space.



We'll move on from electricity and light and begin the topic of 'Animals including Humans, which builds on work done in Year 3 and 4, examining how circulatory system helps the body function and how our choices can damage its effectiveness.

To do extra research for any of our science topics, use the buttons at the top of our class page. In particular, I recommend:

BBC Bitesize > KS2 > Science
The Oak Academy > KS2 > Science
DK Find Out > Search for the area you're interested in 


Watch this space.



Local History Topic

Our new humanities area of focus is centred around local history, though spread much further throughout time than our autumn term focus on World War II and its' impact on Nantwich and the surrounding area.

We'll be looking at why Nantwich 'looks the way it looks', and whether our town holds any fascinating historical secretes!

Not only this, but due to the nature of our local history investigation we will be utilising a lot of geographical field skills, blending the two humanities into one fun, local project.


John Gerard (1545)


Knowledge Organisers

Click a coloured button to access key facts, words and more!



Design Tech




Living Things


Being updated
Game Variables
Animas & Humans
Local Study



Inheritance & Evolution
2D to 3D
Being updated
3D Modelling
Sensing Movement
Knowledge Organisers

Word Aware

To help new words stick in your long-term memory, use the Word Aware rap.

Choose a word from your weekly spelling list, and join in with the rap.

Think about...

What does it start with?
How many syllables does it have?
What does it rhyme with?
Can you put it in a sentence?

Share new words with your class.

Learning Powers

Every week we celebrate our learning powers and pupils across the school are awarded one of the following awesome mascots for a week.


"I'm Lovely Ladybird. I treat people with respect."


"I'm Busy Bee, resourceful, that's me! Hee hee!"


"I'm Groovy Grasshopper. I never give up."


"I'm Approachable Ant. My gift is reciprocity."


"I'm Beautiful Butterfly. I reflect on what I do!"


"I'm Smart Snail. I take risks with my learning."


"I'm Safe Spider. I'm always safe in school, at home, and on the world wide web - I'm e-safe."

Useful Basic Skills for Unconfident Mathematicians

Click on any of the topic videos below to watch some useful revision of basic skills needed in Maths.

Represent numbers to 100

10s and 1s using addition

Numbers to 1000

Numbers to 1000 (PVG)

100s, 10s and 1s (part 2)

Number line to 100

Find 1,10,100 more or less

Compare objects

Ordering numbers

Count in 50s


100s, 10s and 1s (part 1)

Number line to 1000

Compare numbers


"These videos will help you ;)"

Basic Maths Skills
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