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Why read?

At Nantwich Primary Academy, we strive to instill a love of reading in all children. Using a combination of books in class, our dedicated school library and online reading resources we ensure they have access to a range of text types and genres, in order to aid them to becoming fluent and confident young readers.

​We aim to encourage passionate and curious readers, equipped with the strategies they need to overcome any barriers they may face.

Reading has many additional benefits: it reduces stress and helps you to relax, it improves concentration and memory, it expands vocabulary and strengthens writing abilities, enhances knowledge and increases imagination and creativity.

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Library Visits

We're fortunate at Nantwich Primay Academy to have the wonderful Nantwich Public Library just around the corner from school, and our pupils enjoy visiting as a class or with their families.

Every year around World Book Day we take every class for a special activity session led by the kind and enthusiastic library staff, and the children have a chance to make the link between our school library and how a real library operates, such as learning about the Dewey system. They are also able to organise themselves a library card.

If you haven't got a library card for yourself and your child, why not pop to the library - it's free, quick and easy to sort.


Bedtime Stories

Is there anything better than a story before bed? Not only does a bedtime story help set a routine, enhance language skills and strengthen the bond between the reader and listener, research has also proven that a bedtime story boosts brain development!

In this section, you will find a range of story videos by the staff at Nantwich Primary Academy, and a few celebrity read alouds too. Simply choose a story, click on the video, and you can even expand them to fullscreen by viewing them on YouTube (with a parent or carer's supervision).

So grab yourself a hot chocolate, make yourself comfortable and choose a bedtime story to enjoy. 

Teeny-Weeny Queenie
A book by Claire Freedman
read by Mrs McGhie

Sharing A Shell
A book by Julia Donaldson
read by Mrs Li

The Volcano
A poem by Judy Billcliffe
Read by Mrs Mcmaster

You're Never Too Big for a Hug
A poem by Joshua Seigal
read by Mrs Antoszkiw

The Gruffalo
A book by Julia Donaldson
read by Mrs Turner

Henry's Freedom Box
A book by Ellen Levine
read by Mr Bebbington

Mr Wolf's Pancakes
A book by Jan Fearnley
read by Mrs McGhie

Slinky Malinky
A book by Lynley Dodd
read by Mr Bebbington

Giraffe's Can't Dance
A book by Giles Andreae
read by Mrs Mcmaster

Don't Wake the Bear, Hare
A book by Steve Smallman
Read by Mrs Li

The Raven
A poem by Edgar Allen Poe
read by Mrs Dickens


Click the book for  many more stories!


Snappsy the Alligator
A book by Julie Falatko
Read by David Harbour

Lotus and Feather*
A book by Ji-Li Jiang
Read by Michelle Yeoh

Clark the Shark
A book by Bruce Hale
read by Chris Pine

Mice Twice
A book by Joseph Low
read by Ty Burrell

As Fast As Words Could Fly
A book by Pamela M. Tuck
read by Dulé Hill

Hey That's My Monster
A book by Amanda Noll
read by Lily Tomlin


Reading Cafe

Reading Café

As part of our World Book Day 2022 celebrations, we turned one of our rooms into our first school Reading Café! It was a huge success, and was dressed to match our 2022 theme of magical reading.

Classes visited the Reading Café throughout the day, enjoying a snack and a drink, comfying down to one of the many amazing books selected on the theme.

It was such a tremendous success and loved by all, pupils and staff alike, that we will continue our Reading Café with a new theme in the future. Our plan is to update the theme regularly throughout the academic year... so watch this space for updates!

Also, as with every World Book Day, we made sure to provide each child with a reading book for them to keep, chosen from the WBD2022 selected texts.

Each child was presented with the book, rather than a token, to ensure nobody missed out.



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