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Year 3: Mr Bebbington Mrs Seddon


We hope you find the information on this page useful!

Spellings & Times-tables: tested on Fridays
Homework: Please do all of the tasks each half-term
PE Days: Kit needed on Tue / Wed / Fri

Remember to read several times a week and record in diaries. Exciting news - later in the term we will have 4 weeks of cookery lessons linked to our topic also!

Having trouble learning your times-tables?

We all like learning differently. Try TT Rockstars, Hit The Button and practising often at home.

Here for you to check out is Percy Parker and he has a song for every times-table. Good luck!

Knowledge Organisers


Want to recall or revise some key facts for class?

Choose a subject below, and view the 2-sided fact sheet.
Want or lost your own paper copy? Ask your teacher.



Design Tech









Our new topic is Stone Age to Iron Age, and so during the summer holidays I had a good look online to find an enjoyable class read linked to the topic - I found it! "The Stolen Spear" by Saviour Pirotta.

Each week we will attempt the year 3 writing objectives by studying characters and settings in the book, plot events and more. We'll cover a lot of spelling and grammar basics too, and there'll be a big focus on presentation and handwriting. Already at the start of the school year we have our first Apprentice handwriters and Apprentice Scribe handwriters.

"Every day he just tries to keep his head down. That is until a sacred spear head is stolen. Wolf is cast out, seen as the reason for its disappearance. With no one but his trusty dog, Shadow, to join him, Wolf vows to find the stolen spear and restore his honour."



This autumn term begins with a look at numbers, and how numbers can be partitioned (split into parts) e.g. 56 -> 50 and 6 or 40 and 16

Place value and understanding numberlines is a big focus early, and then the majority of our autumn will be spent looking at the big four operations: addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

It will be very useful if as many pupils as possible can do the following:
- say what you add to a single digit number to make 10
- say what double any single digit number is
- say what half any 2-digit even number is (to 100)
- know their x2, x5 and x10 times-tables
- know how to count in 25s



Welcome to an exciting autumn term in Year 3 Science! Our first half-term kicks off with the fascinating topic of "Animals, including Humans." Students will embark on a captivating journey to understand the diverse world of animals and the similarities and differences we share. They'll learn about the importance of nutrition, skeletal structures, and how muscles work to support movement. After the half-term break, we will dive into the enthralling world of "Rocks." Young geologists will explore different types of rocks, delve into the rock cycle, and even investigate the properties that make some rocks better suited for specific purposes than others. Hands-on activities, engaging experiments, and thought-provoking discussions will make this a term to remember. Prepare for a term filled with curiosity, exploration, and discovery!



Welcome to an adventure through time this autumn term in Year 3 History and Geography! Our topic, "Stone Age to Iron Age," promises a captivating exploration of early human history. Students will journey through the Stone Age, learning about daily life, tools, and the transition from hunter-gatherers to settled communities. As we move into the Bronze Age, pupils will delve into the development of metallurgy, trade, and more complex societies. Finally, our study will culminate in the Iron Age, exploring how advancements in tools and agriculture influenced culture and settlement patterns. Along the way, we'll sprinkle in elements of geography, examining how early humans interacted with their natural environment to shape civilizations. Expect a mix of storytelling, hands-on activities, and intriguing discussions that will spark your child's imagination and deepen their understanding of the past. Gear up for an exhilarating term filled with the mysteries of our ancient ancestors!


Word Aware

To help new words stick in your long-term memory, use the Word Aware rap.

Choose a word from your weekly spelling list, and join in with the rap.

Think about...

What does it start with?
How many syllables does it have?
What does it rhyme with?
Can you put it in a sentence?

Share new words with your class.

Basic Maths Skills

Useful Basic Skills for Unconfident Mathematicians

Click on any of the topic videos below to watch some useful revision of basic skills needed in Maths.

Represent numbers to 100

10s and 1s using addition


Numbers to 1000

Numbers to 1000 (PVG)

100s, 10s and 1s (part 1)

100s, 10s and 1s (part 2)

Number line to 100

Number line to 1000

Find 1,10,100 more or less

Compare objects

Compare numbers

Ordering numbers

Count in 50s

Exercise your
"Learning Powers!"


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