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School Lunches



We currently provide links above to our interim autumn term lunch menu and snack menu.
Meals cost £2.50 per day

Please check the menus to see what is available daily.

Fresh meat is supplied by one of the local butchers, Quality Cuts of Sandbach, Littlers of Northwich, Barrows of Bollington.  All meat is farm assured.  Pork, turkey and chicken is Red Tractor Certified.

Potatoes, vegetables and fruit are sourced locally when in season and used for vegetables, salad and fruit platters. Bread, Milk, Cheese & Yogurt are sourced from the North West, within Lancashire and Cheshire.

All fish is MSC, which means it comes from a sustainable source governed by the Marine Stewardship Council.

If you would like to see if you are eligible for FREE SCHOOL DINNERS, please contact our school office for support with this.

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