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Year 4: Miss Lawton & Mrs Knapper


Welcome to the Year 4 class page!

Reading diaries: In school each day 
Spellings & Times-tables: Tested on Fridays
Homework: Regular weekly practice plus half-termly tasks
Homework books: In school each Wednesday
PE Day: Tuesdays and Fridays (please come to school in PE kit)




Our new topic is Extreme Earth! We have chosen the text 'The Firework Maker's Daughter' by Phillip Pullman. This exciting story captures the tale of Lila and her journey to become a firework maker just like her father. We will explore the landscape of Mount Merapi, try and persuade Rambashi the Pirate to help us on our journey and describe what it takes to be an infamous firework maker! 

In Guided Reading, we will be exploring Michael Morpurgo's classic novel 'King of the Cloud Forest' and joining Ashley and his Uncle Sang on their perilous journey across the Himalayas as they trek to find safety.

We will be alternating this with a non-fiction text called 'Earth Shattering Events' by Robin Jacobs and Sophie Williams. It explores the scientific detail of various natural disasters as well as explains why they may happen, whom they affect, and how people can stay safe if they think they are experiencing one. This will link with our Geography lessons and help us understand why natural disasters are so dangerous!


Phillip Pullman



We will be looking at Multiplication and Division this term, and really focusing on the basic facts, making sure we can recall them quickly and fluently. We will be looking at word problems and how multi-step problems can ask you to do different operations to get the answer. Later in the term, we will be exploring Measurement as well as starting to investigate fractions and decimals.

This term, we will be taking the Government Multiplication Check which is compulsory for all Year 4 children across the country. It is an online check, where the children get 25 random questions focussing on all the timestables (with the majority being based around the 6x, 7x, 8x, 9x and 12x tables).

The test is purely for a record of where the children are up to and to help make sure their timetable knowledge is secure for Upper Key Stage 2. The children have to get 25/25 to pass so we will really be focussing on getting our rapid recall up this half term.

We will be doing TimesTables Rockstars multiple times a week and the children will be bringing home booklets to keep practising over the weekends. All the support you can offer is appreciated and can help the children reach their goals!




This term we are investigating 'Living Things - what's different and what's the same? We are exploring different habitats and what different living things need to survive. We will be using our maths skills to read graphs and charts and create databases after categorising their similarities and differences!  We will then be exploring Electricity and exploring whether we can control the flow of electricity or not! We will be making circuits, looking at wires and switches and the different appliances that run off of it.



Jane Goodall


Mary Somerville


This term our new topic is Extreme Earth! We will be delving deep under the surface of our earth and exploring how the earth is made, how long it's been around and some of the dangerous things that happen deep underground! 

We will look at different natural disasters that happen as a result of the earth's tectonic plates shifting - Tornados, Tsunamis, Volcanoes, Earthquakes and many, many more. We will look at why they happen, some of the biggest natural disasters that have ever happened around the world and what happens when they occur! The children will get to create a news report on real-life events and have their very own earthquake evacuation drill! 


Knowledge Organisers

Click a coloured button to access key facts, words and more!



Design Tech





Christianity 1
Christianity 2
Christianity 3
Electrical Systems
Digital Worlds


Exploring pattern
Colours and Numbers
The Seasons
Musical Instruments
I can....


Being updated
Being updated
Being updated
Being updated
Being updated
Being updated
Knowledge Organisers

Word Aware

To help new words stick in your long-term memory, use the Word Aware rap.

Choose a word from your weekly spelling list, and join in with the rap.

Think about...

What does it start with?
How many syllables does it have?
What does it rhyme with?
Can you put it in a sentence?

Share new words with your class.

Learning Powers

Every week we celebrate our learning powers and pupils across the school are awarded one of the following awesome mascots for a week.


"I'm Lovely Ladybird. I treat people with respect."


"I'm Busy Bee, resourceful, that's me! Hee hee!"


"I'm Groovy Grasshopper. I never give up."


"I'm Approachable Ant. My gift is reciprocity."


"I'm Beautiful Butterfly. I reflect on what I do!"


"I'm Smart Snail. I take risks with my learning."


"I'm Safe Spider. I'm always safe in school, at home, and on the world wide web - I'm e-safe."

Useful Basic Skills for Unconfident Mathematicians

Click on any of the topic videos below to watch some useful revision of basic skills needed in Maths.

Represent numbers to 100

10s and 1s using addition

Numbers to 1000

Numbers to 1000 (PVG)

100s, 10s and 1s (part 2)

Number line to 100

Find 1,10,100 more or less

Compare objects

Ordering numbers

Count in 50s


100s, 10s and 1s (part 1)

Number line to 1000

Compare numbers


These will help you!

Basic Maths Skills
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