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Year 2: Mrs Li & Miss Cadwallader

We hope you all had a wonderful restful break over the Summer holidays. How delightful it has been to welcome the happy, smiling faces of your lovely little learners into year 2 over the last few days! We have an action packed term ahead as we delve into the past and find out what made the Victorians so victorious! Let's get cracking on filling our heads with knowledge and our hearts with laughter.

PE - Mondays (Dance) and Fridays (Throwing and Catching)
Spelling Test - Fridays / Book Change - Fridays
Homework books due in Wednesdays
Reading diaries signed and in school - daily
(remember to also write TTRS and spellings in the diaries each time your child practises at home so we can award dojos!) 

Check out the information below for a few clues about what we have in store! 
Don't forget to take a peek at our class newsletter for more information.

Having trouble learning your times-tables?

We all like learning differently. Try TT Rockstars, Hit The Button and practising often at home.

Here for you to check out is Percy Parker and he has a song for every times-table. Good luck!


Want to recall or revise some key facts for class?

Choose a subject below, and view the 2-sided fact sheet.
Want or lost your own paper copy? Ask your teacher.



Design Tech





Coming soon...


Why is the Bible important to Christians?
Knowledge Organisers


This term we will be focusing on Victorian authors. We kick start our writing with poetry based on Robert Lewis Stevenson's poem for children - 'My Shadow'. Then we turn to fiction stories written by Hans Christian Anderson and Lewis Carroll. We might just meet an ugly duckling or perhaps bump into the Queen of Hearts. Who knows were our adventures will take us!

Continuing with a focus on the Victorians, we will look to non-fiction writing to explore the most famous Victorian of them all - Queen Victoria herself!



This half term we will work on the follow areas of Maths:

Number and Place Value
Addition and Subtraction

In addition to our daily maths lessons we will have a basic skills lesson to focus on skip counting leading to recall in times table facts, and build fluency in the recall of addition and subtraction facts.

To support your child at home please encourage them to play on TimesTables Rockstars and Numbots, regularly.



Use the videos below to practise your Childs learning at home.

Click Here


These videos will support all our new learning in class this week on the topic - Place Value
week beginning  11th September



Producing Plants

In our new topic we will be learning about plants - the parts of a flower, how seeds and bulbs grow into mature plants and what plants need to survive and thrive.

Click on the videos to learn more about our science topic at home.


Over the next few weeks we will be watching the development of our super little seedlings as we observe and record changes over time.
Having started the germination process, we will provide water, air, sunlight and nutrition to see how grow and thrive.
What a wonder!

8th September  2023


15th September  2023

plant 2.png


Delving into the past, the children will use a range of sources to find out about life during the Victorian era. A fieldwork study of Nantwich will reveal our own towns Victorian past and children will see how advancements during this period of industrial revolution made it the place they know and love today.


Word Aware

To help new words stick in your long-term memory, use the Word Aware rap.

Choose a word from your weekly spelling list, and join in with the rap.

Think about...

What does it start with?
How many syllables does it have?
What does it rhyme with?
Can you put it in a sentence?

Share new words with your class.

Exercise your
"Learning Powers!"


Love learning?
Click the link.

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