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Mrs Mcmaster


Homework Tasks

We are reading...

One morning, almost as if in a dream, Billy wakes up to find that he has turned into a girl! His mother casually dresses him in a pink dress and sends him off to school, where he realises how differently girls are treated.

What are we learning this half-term?

In english and maths we will be working hard to catch-up on lots of key skills that will help us succeed in Year 4. We know lots of you worked hard during lockdown if you couldn't come to school, but we think this little boost will be really helpful.

Our English will link to our Roman history work and we have an amazing story to base our work on, 'Romulus and Remus'.

In maths we will be focusing on Place Value. We will be looking at decimals, rounding and the properties of numbers.

In science, we will begin by looking at living things, but in particular we'll look at the habitats of different animals and how we can classify them.

In history, we will be investigating the Romans. We will be looking at what the Romans have done for us and if they changed the way we live today.  

In PE we will be developing our athletic skills. We will be learning different techniques to improve our stamina and performance. PE will be on Wednesdays.

In RE, we will be finding out about how and why people pray. As well as discussing our own reasons why and ways that we pray.  


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Other Useful Information

Reading books and diaries are being sent home. Please make sure that you sign their books and they are brought in everyday so that we can keep a record. Children are encouraged to read their own books at home also.

PE will happen on 'Workout Wednesday' for Year 4, and you will have read that children should come to school already in their PE uniform - we will not be changing at school.

You may contact me on Class Dojo but enquiries of a general school nature should be directed to the school office. Please use our contact link above for details.

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