Look at the 5 crazy models above! What do they all have in common? They were all made from a big scoop of random lego and only 10 minutes was allowed for the build!

That's the challenge - what can you make in 10 minutes using a large scoop of random lego? You don't have to use all the bricks. Send us pics! :)

Our ideas: (1) Robot Flower Lizard (2) A Heart for School (3) A Human (4) A Car and a Launcher (5) A Robot Cleaner


For Grown-Ups

A month of Lego challenges!


Making a duck from 6 pieces of lego is a well-known Lego Engineering challenge. It's a great STEM activity, because there are so many possible combinations of these bricks.

So... on the right is ONE example of a duck. I did use a special piece with eye stickers, but you don't have to.

Use any colour bricks you want, if you don't have the exact bricks we do!

This duck has been made updside-down!


Imagine trying to make your very own simple superhero! Have a look at these great but simple creations. Can you recognise the superheroes? Can you work out which lego bricks they have used?


You might not have the right lego bricks for the design you want to make.

You might have the right bricks, but not in the colour you need.

You might have the right bricks, and the right colours, but you don't know how to connect them to make your design work.

What could you do to solve these problems?


Make your own superhero figures based on the ideas on this page! Who said it needs to be exact? Be creative!


1 - Recreate one of the designs on this page, and Dojo a photo to us.


2 - Make a different superhero e.g The Incredible Hulk, and Dojo a photo to us.


3 - Create a brand new superhero, and Dojo a photo telling us their name!

4 - Stuck for ideas? Don't make a superhero, make a family member!

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