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npa mini art challenge

Imagine a drawing challenge where you are only allowed a 5x5cm square to draw inside? How much detail could you fit in there? How good could you make that picture? This is the mini art challenge.




What are the rules?

Use anything you want to draw or colour, as long as it fits inside a 5 cm x 5 cm square. You can click on the blue links above if you need a printout.

You can make your own square using a pencil and a ruler on plain paper.

Ask an adult if you need help.

Imagine drawing an eye...

Shade with pencils

Colour with pencil crayons

Colour with wax crayons

Paint with colours

Use coloured ink pens

Use felt-tips

Make a collage picture

Try a computer paint program

Use any of the above together

Invent a brand new idea!

Hand Drawing

send your amazing art to us on class dojo


make your own scrapbook to keep them in!

the main thing, is to practise.

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