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Even around the house you live in is a mini-world you don't always notice... time to learn more!

Why don't you go and explore what mini-beasts are living in your garden?

What birds can you see from your bedroom window?

Can you research about any living thing in your garden or near your house? It could be a bird, an insect or a plant.

Some possible things to investigate, but there are others!

Have a go at making your own cool nature fact-file!

1 - Give it a title

2 - Write a short introduction, perhaps with a question for the reader to think about e.g. Have you ever wondered what lives in the trees in your garden?

3 - Organise your research using the following as a guide:

- Habitat (where it likes to live)

- Size (length, width, height, weight)

- Unusual markings or colours

- Food (what does it eat to survive?)

- Predators and parasites (does anything hunt your creature or harm your plant?)

- Cool facts about your living thing!

4 - You can include a cool drawing or a photo.

5 - If you discover any new scientific words, why not include them?

6 - Upload your work to Class Dojo!

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